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Compounds Screening


There are tens of thousands of chemical compounds in nature and daily life. Therefore, identifying compounds is critical for suitable baseline monitoring and profiling.

Analysis of compound screening is one method for monitoring and profiling chemical compounds. Depending on the research you do,  Analysis of compound screening is one method for monitoring and profiling chemical compounds. Depending on the research you do,  the process may require tools to assist in screening many suspected chemicals using databases and databases, or it may be used to find and identify new chemical compounds previously unknown in nature. Usually, in conducting compound screening analysis, a High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) system is used. However, it can also be performed by a low-resolution mass spectrometry (LRMS) system, for example, quadrupole mass spectrometry.

Analysis of compound screening is generally carried out in preliminary screening tests before further confirmation by more specific methods. This screening is non-targeted, displaying all the compounds contained in the sample by matching the data with the database (library). This method is included in the qualitative test. Thus the measurement results can only determine the presence of a compound in the sample but cannot estimate its level/concentration.

How SIG can help

SIG Laboratory can provide you with a proven end-to-end solution for analysis of compound screening for your research. The solution we give  covers everything from sample preparation to data analysis. Our solution gives you speedy results without compromising the data quality.

Method of Analysis

SIG Lab offers you analysis of compound screening  with High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS) LC-Q/TOF operated using a software platform for your convenience in studying the result. We also offer analysis using Low-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (LRMS) such as GC or LC triple quadrupole mass spectrometry.


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SIG Receives Learning Visit From WHO Timor-Leste

SIG Receives Learning Visit From WHO Timor-Leste

As our commitment to being active inactualizing a better place to live  #towardsasaferworld in the global community, on Wednesday, 21 December 2022, SIG received a learning visit from the WHO State Office in Timor-Leste and its staff from government institutions...

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