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Quality of Product for Indonesian Market


SNI stands for Standar Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian National Standard). It is a standard drafted and determined by the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN). Some SNI is required mandatory by the government, generally called SNI mandatory. SNI mandatory products have a very long list, and it keeps growing by time as the demand for certified products is getting higher.

Indonesia also has a Ministerial Regulation as a type of legislation, such as Ministerial Regulation by The Minister of Health, Minister of Trade, Minister of Agriculture, etc. It is intended to be basic organizational units and stakeholders regarding the procedures for implementing the Act.

Nowadays, consumers are getting more aware of product compliance. Not only that product compliance offers quality, but being complied with certain standards means that the safety aspect of that product is guaranteed.


Indonesian National Standard

Demineralized water

SNI 6241:2015

Mineral Water

SNI 3553:2015

Natural Mineral Water

SNI 6242:2015


SNI 2973:2018

Instant Coffee

SNI 2983:2014

Instant Noodle

SNI 3551:2012

Palm Cooking Oil

SNI 7709:2019

Milk Powder

SNI 2970-2015

Sweetened Condensed Milk

SNI 2971:2011

Wheat Flour

SNI 3751:2018


SNI ISO 8124-3:2010

Textile Toys

SNI ISO 14184-1 2015


SNI ISO 14184-1 2015


Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

Drinking Water

No. 416 Year of 1990

Clean Water

No. 416 Year of 1990

Drinking Water

No. 492 Year of 2010


Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia


No. 18 Year of 2019


No. 18 Year of 2019


Ministry of Agriculture Republic Indonesia

Fresh Food from Plants

No. 31 Year of  2017

Fresh Food from Plants

No. 53 Year of 2018



Library of Knowledge

Prove it Spicy by Scoville Heat Units Test!

Prove it Spicy by Scoville Heat Units Test!

CapsaicinoidsCapsaicinoids are the chemical components in capsicum that give the sensation of a spicy taste. The most common and most abundant capsaicinoid in hot peppers is capsaicin. In the food industry, capsaicin content is often used as added value in products as...

GMP+ International Certification

GMP+ International Certification

Along with SIG's determination to strengthen its existence as part of a global network and towards a safer world, we are proud to announce that SIG has successfully received its first GMP+ FSA International (Good Manufacturing Practice System, Feed Safety Assurance)...

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