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Forbidden Dyes

In cosmetics, colors are used to indicate a lot of things. The most common reason for giving so many colors is for spoiling the consumer with a choice of numerous shades to go with their attire.

Decorative dyes in cosmetics are often used in types of cosmetics such as blush, eye shadow, and lipstick. However, the use of dyes in cosmetic products has been regulated by the regulator such as in Peraturan Kepala BPOM No. 23 2019 in Appendix V about materials that are not permitted to be used in cosmetic products, one of which is the dyes.


How SIG can help

SIG Laboratory can perform analysis of cosmetics dyes that are not permitted to be used in cosmetic products on a wide variety of cosmetics. We also ascertain whether the forbidden dyes are not detected in your cosmetics products and  to meet the requirements of the regulations l.

The types of forbidden dyes in cosmetics products that can be tested in the SIG laboratory are:

  • Rhodamine B (Color Index 45170)
  • Orange K1(Color Index 12075)
  • Metanil Yellow (Color Index 13065)


Method of Analysis

HPLC is a technique that we offer to you for determining forbidden dyes in your cosmetics product  with a UV-Vis as detector system.

Library of Knowledge

Detection of Primary Aromatic Amines As Aniline

Detection of Primary Aromatic Amines As Aniline

It is known that food coloring is an additive commonly used to improve the appearance of food or drinks, but during the manufacturing process there is an azo coupling reaction which has the potential to produce residues of aromatic amine compounds such as aniline and...

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